The technology present in most of our devices is the magnetic induction brake (eddy current).

What is the Eddy current ?

Eddy current occurs when you move non-magnetic metals through a magnetic field.

What is the induction brake ?

The induction brake uses a phenomenon called electromagnetic induction, where the movement between a magnet and a non-magnetic metal causes a force opposing the movement between the two objects. Thus, the kinetic energy, that is to say the movement, is converted into thermal energy, that is to say in heat. This braking is done entirely without contact. When the conductive material in the magnetic field is immobile, no reaction occurs. As the conductor moves in the magnetic field, a magnetic field and an eddy current are generated in the conductor that opposes the direction of the magnetic field current of the permanent magnet to create the braking effect. The eddy current is called “eddy current” in English because the current does not flow in a straight line. The induced current swirls in the conductor, like whirling currents in a river.

How is induction braking used in our devices ?

In our devices, a retracting spring rewinds the strap into the device. When the strap is forced out of the device, aluminum rotors rotate in the magnetic field. This is what creates the Foucault current. This current controls the braking force and, consequently, the speed at which rotation occurs. This, in turn, controls the speed at which the strap is unwound. Our induction braking system is self-regulating. This means that the braking resistance adjusts automatically to provide braking consisting of participants of very varied weight.

What are the advantages of induction braking in these devices ?

The integration of induction braking in our devices brings a lot of advantages. Here they are :

Look at the Technology in operation

What are the advantages of induction braking in these devices ?

Maintenance minimum

The braking is magnetic, the system has no contact piece. There are no components, such as brake pads, which can wear or break. As a result, there is less maintenance and the operating cost remains low for our devices.


The braking system is automatically regulated, our devices can accommodate very varied weights. Children, like adults, have a similar experience

Regularity and comfort

Whether for jumping, descending or approaching a platform, the experience is regular and comfortable.