QuickFlight XL 20m + 1m Ripcord




Note: The primary difference between the QuickFlight and QuickFlight XL is mounting height. Dual line system. Redundant, dual line system and built-in Overload Protection Assemblies (OPAs). Operational Compatibility. Mount the QuickFlight indoors or out with options for low mounting that ranges up to 23 m (75 ft). A wide range of weights (20-130kg/44-28lbs) and mounting options allow for a custom free fall experience that is compatible with the height of your structures and comfort levels of your clientele. serve to maximize rider comfort and operator peace of mind. QuickFlight XL 1 m RipCord
Minimum Mounting Height – 12 m (39.4 ft)
Maximum Mounting Height – 21.8 m (71.5 ft)

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Weight 30 kg


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