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ZipStop Depuis 2012

New! ZipStop Speed

Trublue Depuis 2010

New! Trublue Speed

Quickjump Depuis 2013

New Quickflight !

FOUR devices, ONE technology :

The magnetic braking technology has been proven for many years in the USA in ropes courses, climbing gyms and other related sports and entertainment fields.

Above and Beyond
TÜV SÜD tested the TRUBLUE devices to 10x Class A.  This represents a 15,000% increase in testing cycles than our closest competitor (Class C).  We are also the only Auto Belay certified as meeting the requirements of EN360:2002.  This means our device is designed and certified for Shock Loads.  If you don’t have a TRUBLUE, be sure to check your device to see if it meets these standards.

The only limit is your imagination !

The new Trublue SPEED !
Easy to install up to 20m
Indoor / Outdoor
Descent from Platform
Heights : 7,5m, 11m, 12.5m, 16m, 20m

A true sensation of free fall
Fast webbing retraction
For heights 5.3m and up to 21.8m
Simple and effective operation

For fun-filled descents
Fully lined system: 2 machines / 2 straps
JUMPUNDER & JUMPOVER configuration

ZIP LINE braking system
A short and controlled stop
Low cost of operation
NEW ZSIR: direct braking without reduction line

And a ‘fifth’ device, our LightSpeed Trolley ​​, is available in 3 versions :

Designed for ziplines and optimized for speed:

The one-handed installation in a fraction of a second will make your guides happy and increase the flow while the built-in release will eliminate the worry of dropping the truck when it is installed on the line. The swivel design creates efficient braking and is specifically designed for use with the zip line. The EZ Clip is robust enough to withstand impact braking without unnecessary clutter.


The almost instantaneous one-handed installation will delight the guides and increase the efficiency, while the integrated trigger will eliminate any risk of falling off the trolley when installed on the zipline. The EZ Clip trolley is sufficiently robust to withstand impact braking without unnecessary weight.


The LightSpeed ​​Impact is the flagship trolley of large diameter rope zip lines.

This is the most versatile trolley, which works on small and large diameters of cable.

Optional accessories help provide the best possible passenger experience and higher performance.


Although its dimensions are modest, do not underestimate the LightSpeed ​​Micro trolley.
It is a compact, durable and lightweight trolley.
It is an affordable option for operators wanting to deliver smooth speed, and it’s a rugged trolley to withstand impact braking without unnecessary weight.

So Climb! Zip! Jump!

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New Tru-Mount!